After host a unique Vertical Tasting of Rivesaltes, the 1969 Chateau de Puig-Parahy Rivesaltes from southern France was selected as the best among the 40 guests. It was this 48 year-old example that scored 18+ Dionysian points. It had 16% alcohol, and now cost around $300.

It had fig, honey and mineral aromas as it finished with a sweet, clean long-lasting flavor. These wines were known as the drink of Kings and Popes. I was lucky to get eight examples from 2013 back to 1969 from the cellars of the maker.  In Vino Veritas.

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Ideal with cheesecake or any sweet cream dessert, this Kingly wine is able to stand alone as dessert itself. In France, it is many times drunk prior to a multi-course meal.