The 1976 Terrantez Blandy’s Madeira scored 18+ points on the Dionysian scale. It cost $150, and has 20% alcohol.  It is the rarest of all the Madeira, and it will pair with an appetizer of prosciutto. A treat, and at 43 years old, it is still a baby. I expect 100 years for this one.

The 1920 Bual Blandy’s Madeira has 19.5% alcohol, cost ( at today’s auction $1,350)  I paid $90 for it years ago. It scored 20 on the 20-point Dionysian scale. At 99 years old, it too is an infant wine and I would expect it to show well at 2120. Yes, at 200 years.


Bual is the Madeira name for the Malvasia grape. Heated in the estufagem, and aged in mostly American oak, and sometimes, Brazilian Satinwood, the wines were great.

These are the styles of wine our forefathers drank while writing our American constitution.  The Bual pairs nicely with Creme brûlée, cheesecake, tiramisu, or any caramel-coated dessert. A sip after dinner is dessert itself. Savoring the two styles is the only way to learn about these wines.

The Dionysian Society recently celebrated Madeira’s 600th birthday of discovery. In Vino Veritas.