At 41 years old, this 12.5% alcohol 1978 Vallana Spanna Del Piemonte scored 19 points on the Dionysian scale of a possible 20.


It was the type of wine I refer to my my wine books. Special drinks frozen in time that encompasses the sunlight from a distant summer.

It was vermilion with a school-house-red-brick edge bleeding into pure amber. It was smoky. Wet forest floor notes projected this Barolo-like wine.

It cost under $10 back them and even today are still good buys if you enjoy the Nebbiolo grape. Rose, berry, and lots of oak changed every five minutes after it was decanted just prior to sipping. I wish I had more.  Enjoyed with my full family. Basic pasta was all we paired it with so as to feature this old beauty. In Vino Veritas.