The 1981 Chateau De Meursault white Burgundy has 12.5% alcohol, cost  about $19 back then, and scored 17+ Dionysian points on their 20-point scale.

Hints of honey and caramel mixed with the apple Chardonnay. At 38 years old, the wine was heading down hill, but still provided great pleasure with its complexity.


It was served with a simple chicken, peas, and white rice meal, and it held together throughout the entire dinner with great conversation about older wines.

I like white Burgundy (all Chardonnay)  between ten and sixteen years old when they develop massive complexity that changes repeatedly during a meal. Perfect older wine for older friends.



This is one of the very best producers of Meursault; the Societe Civile Du Domaine Du Chateau De Meursault.

Today’s prices for this wine prohibit me from getting more.  In Vino Veritas.