With 12.5% alcohol, the 1985 Chianti Colli Senesi from Fattoria Di Pietrafitea  located in San Gimignano cost only $8 back then and not a lot more today. It scored 17 Dionysian points. It was still ruby red with an orange-amber edge, It was balanced and mature aromas rose with spice, smoke, and dried tomato.


At 34 years old, the Chianti from outside the Classico zone, the Colli Semnesi, was an example of a great lesser known wine.

It was decanted just prior to dinner and poured. It had a long smooth aftertaste and enhanced the meal.  It was imported by Alberico Wine located in McKee City in the heart of Atlantic County, NJ.  This area has a little cherub instead of a rooster on its label.  In Vino Veritas.