Scoring 17+ Dionysian points, and having 20% alcohol, the the 35 year-old Port  was quite enjoyable. It’s from a very good vintage, but not a great one. It cost only $35 back then in 1988.  It was bottled in 1987.

Sweet, rich black fruits with loads of blueberry and black cherry rose to the nose from the glass.


Nothing beats a glass of real Porto after dinner, as a dessert. Served with walnuts because of the nut’s oil, and blue cheese, Let it snow outside, Everyone, sooner or later, at some age, will fall in love with quality Porto. Not one of the big famous Houses, but always good.

Every Vintage Porto needs to be decanted. The old wine was still filled with color and flavors that lingered in the air. It was soft, and the sweetness kissed your tongue. I can keep an open bottle, after vacuum pumping out the air, for at least a week and taste it every other night.  In Vino Veritas.