The 1985 Tinto Pesquera Cosecha Propia Reserva was hand-carrried back from Ribera del Duero in Spain. It has 12.5% alcohol, scored a gold 18 Dionysian points on their 20-point scoring scale.

Back then it cost about $7, but the signed bottle was given to me by wine maker and owner Alejandro Fernandez. Today, these wines run about $45 and are the best from the that Spanish area!


Alejandro’s personal not and signature show on the left side of the label. It’s one of the very best wines made from Tempranillo grapes. It’s an ideal food-wine and goes with meats as well as fish. Yes, Europeans do serve a lot of red wines with fish.

The color was ruby at 34 years old. Spicy cherry, oaky smoke and complex forest aromas filled the nose. It had enough acid to continuing aging but was ideal today.

The area got its Denominacion de Origen in 1982, but Pesquera has been made since the 1970’s. It’s a wine for every cellar and is reflective how great Spanish wines can be.  In Vino Veritas.