The 1990 Saintsbury Chardonnay, with 12.9% alcohol, and at 29 years old, was a cellar test of mine. The wine scored13 points on the Dionysian scale because it peaked eight to ten years ago. It was not matterized; it was brownish-amber as seen in the first glass. The second glass in the photo is  a seven year old example. The lower acids in many of the Californian wines prohibit them from really long aging.

Its cost was about $12 then. Many Chardonnays from Carneros last longer than from other Californian locations.


The wine was all caramel flavor with oak notes. It did not have a faulty sherry-like aroma nor taste. The cellar did its job; the wine simply faded.


It was served with chicken. The food helped the wine, but not enough to make it a worthy match for dinner.  Drink your wines with some age and learn how long to age them. In Vino Veritas.