Costing $14  25 years ago, the 1994 Bernardus Chardonnay from Monterey County, California, had 13.3 % alcohol, very specific for back then, was still drinkable last night, but fading fast, and it scored 15 points on the 20-point Dionysian scale.

The cool coastal climate help edthe grapes. They used different yeasts, and also different types of oak to add complexity.  I kept this bottle to test its ageability.


It has slight sherry notes, showing that it had lived out its life. I like older wines with complexities that young wines never have, but fruit-bomb drinkers never like the older aromas.

Bernardus Winery is in Carmel Valley where cooler ocean air helps the grapes mature slowly.


Simple chicken permitted the wine to show off.

This is a wine I’d suggest to get, taste and age a few bottles for a decade.

In Vino Veritas.