The Picolit grape is rare in Italy. It developed a genetic problem; fewer and fewer grapes are forming. The 1994 Fantinel Picolit reminded me of the 1969, the first one I ever had.

It cost about $24 back then for the 500 ml bottle, has 13.5% alcohol, and scored 18 points on the Dionysian scale of 20. It was creamy white peach, mouth filling, but not cloying like some Sausternes can be. I carried this bottle back from a Vin Italy  with Dionysian Dr. Gary Pavlis who tasted one with me in Italy.


It comes from the Colli Orientali Region of Northern Italy. It’s one of the most fascinating dessert wines I’ve ever enjoyed. Its tasted reflected it golden color.

It can age for decades, but at 25 years old it was perfect. Older ones I’ve tasted picked up a bit of hazelnut, but this wine was balanced with sweet fruit and acidity.  It’s available in larger cities.  In Vino Veritas.