The excellent 1997 Sartori Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico scored 18 Dionysian points, a gold score; has 14% alcohol when they usually have 15%, and cost under $22 back then.

At 22 years old, it is just coming into its own and can age another decade.


A great food wine for red meats and cheese laden pasta dishes which is where I used it.

Filled with traditional raison notes, smoky oak and after decanting, very soft tannins. The wine if full-bodied, and has a long, long after taste. Its garnet color tells me it can keep aging. I wish I had another one.

(Thank you all for asking why I missed so many days of publishing: I was doing a wine study tour in Croatia, and have been writing a novel. I’m happy to be back tasting and reviewing both cellered and new wines nearly every day.)

In Vino Veritas.