It cost under $20 sixteen years ago. It had 14.4% alcohol, held together well, but the 2004 Flora Springs Barrel Fermented Chardonnay from Napa Valley scored 14+ points for an over-oaked, too high alcohol wine.

It was already deep gold, butter and tropical fruits rose in the glass. The wine was pleasant enough, but it was too much for the fish we had.


It was produced and bottled by Flora Springs in St. Helena. It’s a nice party sipping wine, but styles have changed over the past 10 years as this big, high alcohol style loaded with oak doesn’t work as well with dining as do most of the European whites.

It wine is at maximum peak, maybe too old; dink tonight if you have any left. I’m trying to confirm that the winery may have been sold since I was there to do a radio interview with the owner. It’s a beautiful location and I wish them the best .  Owned by the Garvey and Komes families. They did  a lot for Napa.    In Vino Veritas.