With 10% alcohol, the 2004 Peninsula Cellars Semidry Riesling, from Traverse City, Michigan scored 17 points on the Dionysian 20-point scale. It cost under $20.

The wine held very well for 16 years and could go longer. It was floral and flavorful. We don’t see a lot of these wines on the East Coast, but we should.

It is blended with grapes from three excellent vineyards: Dohm, 7th Hill, and Manigold Vineyards are great Riesling growing areas.


This was a perfectly balanced Riesling and equaled any from the Finger Lakes and even from the Mosel. It was a fine wine for food.

We served it with chicken and it worked very well.  As always, we score a wine before any food is sampled, but we often note if and how the food may have changed the wine’s flavors.  The excellent acidity made this wine so ageable.

The finish showed off some peach. In Vino veritas.