From Rueda, Spain, the 2006 Basa cost under $14, has 13% alcohol, and scored 15+ points on the 20-point scale the Dionysian Society, International uses to rate wines.

At 13 years old, it was just over peak. At ten, it would have shown better with its mineral notes and citrus  flavors. Today, it did have additional complexity of herbs, but I’ve learned to drink this wine from five to ten years old.


The Basa goes well with seafood, chicken and pork. I’ve had it with all three items and it always works as a food wine.

Just three years ago, this wine was straw yellow, now it’s yellow-gold, a sure sign of age.  Spanish white wines a lesser known than their sensational reds. Seek some out and pair them with a lot of different flavors; they work with nearly everything you serve.  In Vino Veritas.