Costing about $25, with 14% alcohol, the 2007 Lodola Nuova Vino Nobile di Montepulciano from Ruffino, at just 13 years old, scored a very nice 16+ Dionysian points. Ruby red with a thin orange edge, the wine had spicy cherry, orange peal, and a mixture of red fruit aromas. It opened after a half an hour of air.


I’ve enjoy Vino Nobile wines as much as many of the bigger Brunello wines from Tuscany. The age very well.

This is a balanced food wine that enhances the meal. It had a medium-longer finish with a lingering chocolate flavor. Dry and clean.  I’ve been drinking a number of far older wines from world famous estates lately and it was enjoyable to return to a wine I like to use at BYOB’s and for dinner parties.   In Vino Veritas