Scoring a gold 18 Dionysian points on their scale of 20, with 13% alcohol, and costing about $15, the 2015 Elsa Bianchi Torrontes from Mendoza, Argentina, has floral and citrus notes. It is balanced with clean acids making it a refreshing food white for more than seafood. Pork and chicken pair nicely with it.

At four years old, it is charming and can age another four or five years to add super complexity. However, it’s meant to be enjoyed young.


The hand-picked grapes are grown along side the Andes. There is a spicy grapefruit taste.

Ripe apple and orange flowers rise to the nose.  This South American Torrontes is fruitier than the original Spanish Torrontes.

Having been to their winery in Argentina, and having studied this wine many times, I can recommend it it any person who loves wine & food matching. It’s not just a summer wine. Enjoy it with any Autumn or Winter first course. In Vino Veritas.