With 14.5% alcohol, scoring 18 gold medal points  on the Dionysian Scale of a possible 20, and costing about $120,  but is well worth it, the 2017 Kay Brothers Block 6 Shiraz from the Amery Vineyard in Australia’s McLaren Vale will age for decades.

Filled with black pepper, spice, fresh black fruits; the wine fills your palate. It has balanced tannins and provides a lingering aftertaste.


Served with the year’s first venison dinner, the blackberry flavors enhanced the meat flavors. This is a remarkable wine.

The handpicked grapes come from 125 year-old-vines. Next to the Rhone Valley in France, McLaren Vale seems to have been designed to grow Syrah, or Shiraz as the Aussies call it. The grape originally came from the ancient city of Shiraz in the Middle East, so the name may really be a better one.  Seek out two bottles: one to age and one to enjoy now.  In Vino Veritas.