At 15 years old, for a white meant to drink young, the 2004 Avantis Roditis from Beotia in Central Greece, cost about $10, scored 15+ Dionysian points out of 20,  and had just 12.5% alcohol.

From all Organic farming, the wine has mineral notes mixed with a hint of floral wild flower.


When young, within five years, this wine has melon, peach, and citrus aromas and taste. Honey notes develop quickly. Today, the older version had lesser amounts of these flavors, but added a roasted nuts on the taste.

I have it with fish when still new, but with age, this Greek beauty enhances pork, chicken, and even pasta with an olive oil sauce.   When new, it is straw yellow in color, but with ten years or more,  it turns a deep gold with amber edges.  I think five to seven years is when it shows best, but very young works too.  In Vino Veritas.