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1949 Anjou

The 1949 Moulin Touchais Anjou has 13% alcohol, was bottle number 073, worth $1,000 now, but cost $35 back in 1964, and scored 19+ points on the 20-point…


2007 Pouilly-Fuisse’

The 2007 Leonard de Saint-Aubin Pouilly-Fuisse’, with 13% alcohol, scored 17 points out of the possible 20 Dionysian points. It cost under $20 back then. At 12 years…


2017 Bellview Gruner Veltliner

With 12.7% alcohol, costing about $20, and scoring 17 outstanding points on the Dionysian scale, the 2017 Bellview Gruner Veltliner from New Jersey’s Outer Coastal Plain AVA is…


2006 Drouhin Chablis

The 2006 Joesph Drouhin Domaine de Vaudon Chablis had 12.5% alcohol, cost under $24, and scored a fine 16+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale. It was straw…


2013 Louis Latour Corton-Charlemagne

Scoring 17+ points, nearly gold, and costing about $100, with 14% alcohol, the 2013 Corton-Charlemagne from Louis Latour, a Grand Cru White Burgundy was filled with apple, mineral,…


1974 SIMI Cabernet Sauvignon

Scoring 19+ points on the Dionysian scale of a possible 20, with 13% alcohol, and costing exactly $18.56 when I got it in 1980, the wine was still…


1981 Chateau De Meursault

The 1981 Chateau De Meursault white Burgundy has 12.5% alcohol, cost  about $19 back then, and scored 17+ Dionysian points on their 20-point scale. Hints of honey and…


2013 Midbar Southern White

At 13% alcohol, costing under $15, and scoring 16 fine points on the Dionysian scale of 20, the 2013 Midbar Winery Southern White is a delightful warm weather drink….


2012 Notios

At seven years old, the 2012 Notios from the Greek Peloponnisos, had 12 % alcohol, scored 15 points on the 20-point Dionysian scale, and cost under $9 a…


2001 De Loach Zinfandel

The 2001 Russian River Valley Estate Bottles De Loach Zinfandel has 14.5% alcohol, cost just over $16, and scored a very nice 16+ points on the 20-point Dionysian…