Scoring 16+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale, the Multi-Vintage Cune Cava Brut , with 11.5% alcohol, cost under $20. A lot of points for such a good buy!

It’s fuller than the average Cava with 50% Xerel-lo, 35 % Macabeo, and just 16% Parellada. Parellada provides the floral nose while the Macabeo adds a fuller body. Citrus, wild flower and mineral fill the glass.

It started as an aperitif but was enjoyed right into the meal of mostly veggies and crusted bread. It worked.

I really enjoy Cava. It’s made right in the bottle as Champagne is. It’s never high in alcohol, and your can use it to enhance nearly every type of dish. Cune makes a number of delightful Spanish wines and I also enjoy their Rose’. Seek one out. In Vino Veritas.