Costing under $80 back then, and scoring 18+ points on the Dionysian Scale of a possible 20, the 1983 Chateau Gloria from St. Julien in Bordeaux  had 12.5% alcohol, and was the perfect party surprise.

Filled with lingering sun-dried fruits, cherry, leather, Virginia tobacco, and a hint of wet woodland, the 36 year-old Double Magnum proved that large bottles age much more slowly than regular 750ml’s.

The wine had another decade to go to reach perfection. And then, it would hold for 20 more years.


Sometimes you just want one wine for a large group to savor and discuss. Large bottles are the answer. This was served with a beef dish.

Dionysian Frank Aquilino may just have the largest collection of “Big Bottles” in all of North America. He shares them at large group functions and teaches their value for aging well.

The St. Julien section of the Medoc is where you should look if just getting into Bordeaux. They produce the perfect balance of texture and aroma.

Even though 1982 got all the Press because they were made in a Californian style, the more acidic 1983’s were the wines to buy for aging and value.¬†¬†In Vino Veritas.