Yes, it’s from a can. It says, “Bottled by,” but should say eulforia “canned by” Pacific Rim out of Napa, CA, but this wine is from Washington State. 12% alcohol, costing about a buck a can, and scoring an acceptable 14+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale. It’s non – vintage making it impossible to know how long it’s been on the wine shop shelf.

It’s a bit too sweet, but the fizz helps subdue the sugar. An okay hot summer day Rose”. Guessing it’s basically Merlot from an excess of juice from Washington State.

It was served with a cold chicken salad and it worked.

Yes, I poured it into a wine glass to show its color and get so;me aroma. I’m not a can-of-wine fan, but once it was in the glass, who knew. In Vino Veritas.