The Non-Vintage Ca Furlan Prosecco Cuvee Beatrice Extra Dry scored 15+ points out of the Dionysian 20, has 11% alcohol, and cost around $16.

It has a charming aroma of flowers and some herbs. It’s a bit sweet, (Extra Dry means sweeter than Brut). Weird, yes, but Americans like to say dry, but want sweeter wines.

This is a  sparkling wine that everyone will enjoy at a party.


Served prior to dinner with goat cheese on tiny wheat crackers.

I enjoyed this wine and will return to it even though I like Brut better. Sugar deadens your taste buds and weakens the enjoyment of the meal to follow. Prosecco no longer has to be made with 100% Glara grapes. Italy changed the law to keep up with production and other white grapes can now be added to it.  True Prosecco uses only the Glara grape.   This one is traditional. Try it.  In Vino Veritas.