Scoring 17 Dionysian Points, with 13% alcohol, the 1973 Beaulieu Vineyard (BV) George De Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon  cost only $12 back then. At  47 years old, this BV Cab proved that they used to make very ageable wines in Nape before the over-oak, high alcohol craze began.


I drank these through the 80″ and 90’s and then shifted toward more French, Italian and Spanish wines because of price. I learned a lot back then. We served this as the focal point of the beef and patotes dinner.

My notes o the 1974 were even higher from that great vintage, but the ’73 also was a beauty.


The base was still deep red, but for over 3/4 of an inch the color had faded to orange-amber-brown as it should have.

With an amber-brown edge, lots of tobacco and leather, even lingering blueberry and black cherry aromas, the wine held together after decanting for two full hours.

This was a wine (my last bottle of 1973) that could hold up to any of the world’s famous expensive classics.  It was balanced with nice acids, the key to longevity, and had a long soft aftertaste. This showed why we age wines. In Vino Veritas.