With 13.4% alcohol, costing under $22 then, and scoring 19 points on the Dionysian scale of a 20, the 1983 Gerard Chavy Puligny-Montrachet, at  35 years old was sublime.

Filled with mineral notes under a creamy honey-caramel pear and apple, the wine held together perfectly.


From Chateau & Estates, this old white Burgundy proved that 100% Chardonnay does age well when not picked over-ripe nor over-oaked.

Many Dionysian members appreciate older wine with more complex facets. They become the focal point of a meal. This wine never faded even after nearly an hour being poured.



Halibut over orange tomatoes, lentils, black olives, and a fresh Jersey salad helped highlight all the flavors of the old white Burgundy.


This was my last 1983 white Burgundy, so we savored it slowly, and toasted the winemaker who left something great for a future generation.   In Vino Veritas.