At 13.9% alcohol, (probably mid 14’s) and costing under $15, the 18 year-old 2002 Gallo of Sonoma Pinot Noir Reserve scored 11 points onĀ  the 20-point Dionysian scale. I seldom write about faults, but I should do it more often to teach what can happen to some wines. I’ve had other good examples of their wines.


The taste was nowhere as bad as the aroma. It was a faulty wine and my experient to age it proved to be a mistake. However, that’s how we all learn.

The color held, but the faulty off-aromas make it impossible to drink.

Seemed like bad excessive Brett and other shoe polish aromas. A good learning experience because the Gallo of Sonoma series is usually to best. This Reserve was not one of their best. In Vino Veritas.