Costing $9 back then, about $225 today, the 1968 Spanna from Antonio Vallana has 12% alcohol and scored 18+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale.

Spanna is the local Piemonte name for the Nebbiolo grape that makes Barolo. It had sweet road tar, and dried rose petals,.After decanting, it held together for two hours over a Cap May meal with the Nemia’s. A true Dionysian couple.

Old red wines are great with fish and we had it with NY goose liver pate’ and then a halibut dish.

It was from the year I was married; 53 years ago and even though the vintage was weak in France, it was excellent in Northern Italy. It’s another reason to put some wine away for your children and grandchildren. In Vino Veritas.