Costing under $15 back then, with 12% alcohol, the 51-year-old Bordeaux, the 1970 Chateau Nenin from Pomerol scored 18 points on the 20 point Dionysian scale.

Smoky leather and faint hints of blueberries rose slowly. It had an herbal finish. Soft as silk from it being mostly Merlot. A little rose pedal came from the Cabernet Franc. Pure history; drinking the sunshine from 1970.

A great food wine! It filled the complete mouth and helped highlight the steak flavors of the grilled meat.

It was my last 1970 Nenin and worth the wait. It help together for 45 minutes after decanting, then faded slowly to a soft, but aroma-less wine. The full amber edge on the red brick color told me it had few years left. Share your wines with people willing to learn. In Vino Veritas.