Earning 18+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale, with 14% alcohol, the 1971 Bolla Amarone was still red with school house brick color and an amber edge. It was raisins and herbs on the nose. It threw very little sediment and at 50 years old, the wine was still delightful. It cost about $10 back then. It made Verona famous.

Served with a pasta dish loaded with meat sauce. A wedding of food and wine flavors.

I like Amarone, made in the old traditional style with raisins and plum aromas, but the new style of bing cherry up front and out of balanced acids. I have but a few remaining and hope to share them. Like most wines, all the Amarone wines have gotten expensive, but most are worth it when made in the older style. I bought this when my son was born in 1974. Should have bought more. In Vino Veritas.