The 48 year-old 1973 Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley in Oakville scored 17 excellent Dionysian Points out of 20. It cost $6.30 back then as the price tag still shows.

There was little sediment, but still decanting of the 12% alcohol wine helped open it. (Really old wines must be decanted immediately prior to drinking) Black cherry still projected and the color, now light ruby with school-house brick on the edges, said the wine held together. Some cigar-box notes floated upward too. (Modern high-alcohol wines do not age very well) This was another one worth the wait and my last one of these.

Served with veggie light pasta dish (no red sauce) helped highlight the wine as the start of the meal and not the food.

I met Mr. Mondavi once and his enthusiasm was contagious. I met his sons a few times and they too love the world of wine, but didn’t have their father’s massive drive to delight. Mondavi is sadly owned by a big corporation now. Seek out some of their older examples. In Vino Veritas.