The 1975 Zinfandel from Sonoma Vineyards was part of their Western Frontier Collection; the Frederic Remington (the artist and after the rifle). It had 12% alcohol, cost $6.67at the time, scored 19 Dionysian points out of a possible 20 ,and simply, at 44 years old, was a remarkable wine to savor with Dionysian friends right after a skeet shoot.


This wine was part of the dedication to the heritage of the Old West. Limited bottling. The label is from Remington’s painting “Against the Sunset”.

The color was brownish brick with plenty of redness. After decanting, the wine opened up for another half hour, held half an hour and then began to fade. It had spice, pepper, and hints of lingering blueberry. An ideal low alcohol Zinfandel that was food worthy.  It was the last Zin I had over 30 years old and it proved that California use to make great wines.

It finished as smooth as silk with a medium aftertaste. Balanced to perfection.

In Vino Veritas.