The 40 year-oldEstate Bottled 1980 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon from the Alexander Valley was Grown, Produced and Bottled By the family that is selling the wine. They are the three best words you can see on a wine label.

It cost $15.75 when bought in December of 1984, high for back then, or at least it was for me. Sweet leather, smoke from a cherry-wood fire, blackberry and some black cherry pits still showed well. It was decanted just prior to drinking but kept opening up for another half hour. It was mellow, with mid and back-mouth flavors, The wine may be one of the best Jordan’s I’ve ever had or that they’ve ever produced. It has 12.5% alcohol. Perfect for meals. It scored 19 Dionysian points.

The wine paired with a t-bone steak like no other I’ve had.

Being isolated most of this year really makes me appreciate having cellared wines for decades. This beauty provide everything to brighten a dull, cold January day and now was the time to open it. What I miss was the ability to share it. Luckily, I found one more of the same vintage hiding along side some French wines in my cellar. In Vino Veritas.