Scoring 19+ points on the Dionysian scale of a possible 20, the 39 year-old Pomerol had 12 % alcohol and cost under $25 back then. The 1982 Chateau La Pointe Pomerol was ruby with an amber edge, filled the decanting screen with sediment, and stayed fresh and drinkable for well over two hours. It’s blueberry Merlot nose was laced with spices, leathers, Virginia tobacco and raspberry seed flavors.

I reviewed at least one of these wines every year for nearly ten years. It was never better. Served with duck in a cherry sauce followed by a cheddar cheese course.

When what you’re drinking cost five, even eight times the price of your meal, it’s time to re-check your ego. After the movie “Sideways” turned people off to Merlot, they still unknowingly drank Pomerol.In Vino Veritas.