Scoring 19+ points on the Dionysian scale of a possible 20, the 39 year old Pomerol, the 1982 Chateau La Pointe was at an ideal peak. Soft with Cavendish tobacco, sweet leather and mixed black fruits on the nose. It had 12% alcohol and after decanting, it continued to open for another hour. It may cost hundrends for their new releases, but it was under $30 back then.

We opened it to celebrate our first vaccine shot and to make an ordinary Tuesday into something special. Served with lamb chops, and Irish cheddar after dinner.

The color looked like a ten year old, with a subtle amber edge (from a dark cellar that gets down to 50 some winters and stops the aging) The hints of cedar and spice did not prevent the Merlot flavors from sneaking through.

I’ve enjoyed La Pointe wine for over 40 vintages and this may be the best one I’ve had. I wish I had bought more than one case back then. In Vino Veritas.