The 33 year-old Bordeaux, the 1988 Chateau Beychevelle Grand Cru from Saint-Julien in Bordeaux, had12.5% alcohol, (a level you’ll no longer ever see), cost only $20 back then, not the hundrends it is now, and scored 17+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale.

After decanting it was smooth as silk, Aromas of black fruits, tobacco smoke, rich leather and some cedar filled the nose. The flavors of old Bordeaux have to be acquired, but are well rewarded.

Served with rack of lamb, as they do at the Chateau. A+

The label shows the story of how well respected the wine was even centuries ago. Look up the story about lowering the sail on the ships that floated past the Chateau. I’ve been luck to have tasted over 30 different vintages of Beychevelle and they were all great. In Vino Veritas.