It was the dessert itself! To help highlight its flavors, chunks  of dark chocolate, some blue cheese, and some walnuts were offered. along side the wine.  It all married together.

With 20.5% alcohol, from an exceptional vintage year, the 1994 Ferreira Vintage Porto scored 19 points on the 20-point Dionysian scale of a possible 20. It cost under $45 . After a dry and mild winter, the ’94 vintage matured perfectly. Chocolate and spicy raspberry fruits rise from the glass. Its full body and soft tannins make it quite enjoyable.

The aftertaste lingered forever from this 25 year old Port. That’s when the better vintages start coming into their own. I expect it to hold well for another 25 years. The Taylor Fladgate was picked at the top of the vintage, but the Ferreira matches it in every aspect. If you don’t have any ’94’s, seek out some 2011’s or 2016’s and put them to sleep.  In Vino Veritas.