With 12.5% alcohol, the 1997 Bottaccio Rosso Conero , after decanting, continued to open for another half hour. It was earthy, truffle notes and had red fruits on the nose. The wine had a front, mid, and back palate making it a fine food wine. It cost under $12 back then. At nearly a quarter of a century, the wine, like so many great Italian wines can age very well. It scored 16 Dionysian points out of 20.

It was served with an Italian stew and used after dinner with hard cheeses. A+

I recently posted a younger wine from Portugal and said how I have gotten used to old, mature, complex flavors in my wines. That’s why I cellar what I buy now for the future. At the very least, my children will get to enjoy my efforts. In Vino Veritas.