With 13% ABV, the 22 year-old 1998 Waterbrook Sauvignon Blanc from the Columbia Valley in Washington State, cost about $12 then and sadly, it had lost too much of its soul earning 12+ points on the Dionysian scale of 20.

When it was four years old, it earned a 15+, but the color browned, the nose was oxidized now and the taste was gone except for some caramel, but no grapefruit ester remained.

Sometimes this happens when you forget about a bottle. SB’s are usually meant to drink within five years. I used it to marinate some game.

Tis was a good learning experience and since my last 290 old bottles of wine rewarded me greatly, I am not upset. Sancerre from the Loire Valley in France does age nicely, but not this long. In Vino Veritas.