Older Vintage Champagne has unique complexities. The 2004 Lelarge Pugeot Champagne Preminer Cru  from Vrigny in the Champagne regions of Northern France, has 12% alcohol, cost about $80, and scored 18+ gold medal points on the Dionysian Scale of a possible 20

Its tiny bead, toast and nutty aromas, provided a clean mouth refreshing Champagne.

IMG_6212 (1)

As a reception wine, it was perfect with salted almonds and olives. In the past, I’ve use it as a food wine with an opening course.


The Lelarge  Pugeot family settled in the area back in the 1700’s. They know the area well and make one of the top Champagnes. Seek them out. Their Non-Vintage Brut is one of my favorites; this is one of their top cuvees.  In Vino Veritas.