At $150, with 12.5% alcohol, the 2006 Dom Perignon Champagne produced by Moet Hennessy, scored 19+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale. Tiny bubbles, crisp citrus laced with French bread and toasty smoke.  Dom falls into the “just above middle weight Champagnes”. It’s is perfect for opening any occasion . It is as elegant as a “first kiss.”

Once your mouth is refreshed with middle-weight Champagne  or any sparkling wine, you are ready to enjoy your dinner…more than usual.


My wife and I enjoyed it with Dionysian Robert Bucknam and his wife Kathy. He surprised me with a pre-reception 1998 Dom Perignon, so it turned into a vertical seminar.

Both wines were simply beautiful. I have grown away from the heavier Krug and Bollinger styles with excessive wood.  They should be served with food, not prior to eating. I want my sparkling wine to refresh and get you ready for a special meal’s first course.  The more you know, the more you enjoy.

This wine is not for every day, not even for every week, but for any occasion that  you want to make special. In Vino Veritas.  (That’s Latin for, “in wine you find truth.”  and is the phrase for toasting at all Dionysian events.)