The 2013 SoMek Estate Winery Chardonnay from Zichron-Ya’akv, Israel  had 13% alcohol, cost undr $20, and scored a nice 16+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale.


at seven years old, the wine was ready. It was round, filled with apple, butter and some tropical notes. I’ve had a lot of wines fro Israel and they’ve all been well made.

I aged this wine for four years after I got it. The SoMek estate makes pleasant food wines, and worth seeking one out.  The wine opened up for another thirty-minutes while in the glass. I like mature wines with additional complexity.  Dionysian Society Members are never stuck on one type of wine; the constantly experiment.  I toasted to Henry Gorelick’s 86th birthday. In Vino Veritas.