With 13.5% alcohol, the 2014 King Estate Pinot Gris from Oregon is one of my 375ml wines that I use for quick smaller meals.  It cost under $10,  (375ml) has mineral notes with pear, and Pinot Gris is always a bit more rich than Pinot Grigio, even though they’re the same grape. It’s how they’re made that makes the difference.


Nice with sea food, I used this one with basic chicken and it enhanced the meal. I’ve had nearly every Pinot Gris made in the Pacific Northwest and I think King Estate is the best.

Don’t age half-bottles very long.  The larger the bottle, the longer you can cellar it.  If you visit Eugene, Oregon, stop by this place. They’re on Territorial Highway.  It’s worth the effort.  In Vino Veritas.