From Matetic Vineyards, the 2015 Corralillo Pinot Noir from San Antonio Valley, Chile has 14% alcohol, cost under $30, and scored 18 points on the Dionysian scale for Gold.

Rich black cherry and herbs, with excellent acids to make it a great food wine. Grown hear the cooling Pacific Ocean helps with the acids. Usually ready to drink upon arrival, I like to age it a bit to gain more smoky complexity. With French Burgundies pricing themselves in the sky, this is a smart move and a good buy too.

Served with grilled salmon I replaced my Oregon PN with the Corralillo and proved this is a fine food wine.

I can easily another five years but is showing well right now. I’d give newer vintages a few years of cellar sleep and then share them with dedicated wine lovers. In Vino Veritas.