Louis Jadot’s 2015 Fixin has 13% alcohol, cost about $22, and scored 16+ Dionysian point out of 20.

Still deep ruby the 100% Burdungy used to be the “buy” before learned about this village, but now it too is expensive. Bright clack cherry over some herbs and hints of roasted nuts. It is classic Burgundy and will be perfect, I think, in 2025 though 2035.

It was enjoyed with a salmon dish. It increased the flavors of the sliced almonds too. All Pinot Noir are great food wines.

The wine will go through a dumb stage soon if it hasn’t already started, where it’s aromas will not show. Then, after resting, it will open up and show off once again. Fixin is up north in the Cote de Nuits where bigger darker wines are made. Fixin has four Premiers Curs costing much more and only slightly better. n Vino Veritas.