At 11.5% acohol, costing under $20, and scoring an excellent 17 points on the Dionysian scale, the 2016 Forty-Five North Riesling from the Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan is a perfect summer drink.

It has a New York State- Mosel nose with petro over floral aromas. It’s clean and refreshing with excellent acidity.

The wine was served to Dionysian Members to conclude a warm summer’s day outside tasting. The bottle was carried back from the winery shared by Dionysian Don Graham

Dionysian Maynard Johnston, M.D. is part owner of this winery which is located on the 45th parallel above Traverse City in Michigan. It’s a great area for Riesling. It has some residual sugar, but can be considered a dry white wine. Look them up and try to get some. In Vino Veritas.