At 13.5% alcohol and costing about $15, the 2017 Unparalleled Provence Rose’ scored 15+ Dionysian points out of a possible 20. It was filled with peach. Most Rose’ wines are meant to drink on release and during the year or two afterwards. This did not have any peach aroma two years ago.

It’s from Coteaux Varois en Provence and it’s called “wine latitude” because it’s from the latitude where the best Rose’ wines are made. I usually look for unripe strawberry aromas in my Rose’ but this one had grapefruit as well as pomegranate notes.

It’s my last bottle from 2017. I already finished all my 2018’s and my warm-weather 2019’s have arrived.

I use Rose’s nearly every night during the summer and also as a middle wine when in a BYOB restaurant. Thank God New Jersey has hundrends of BYOB’s with no corkage fees. In Vino Veritas.