Waterford makes single malt whisky showing the terrior in the same way quality wines do. All three samples cost about $85, have 50% alcohol, (so you can make your own water adjustment) and all three earned nearly the same 17+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale.

The Dunmore is a cold weather sipping Irish single malt whisky made from a single farm origin. Its malt, orange-chocolate and currant aroma has you smelling more than sipping. (17)

The Rathclogh has butterscotch, vanilla and loads of honey. The grain was grown by Richard Raftice in County Kilkenny, an area warmed by our Gulf Stream. (17+)

The Dunbell (18) has cinnamon, vanilla, and toffee and was the most mellow sipping whisky. Grown by Ned Murphy in County Kilkenny.

Tested without first, and then with some water.

If you like wines that stress their terroir, you’ll enjoy, on a cold winter’s day, a sip of Waterford Irish Single Malt Single Farm Whisky. In Terroir Veritas