The 2015 Simonsig Brut Kaapse Vonkel South African sparkling wine, and its sister, the 2015 Simonsig Brut Rose’ Kaapse Vonkel both scored 17+ points on the Dionysian scale of 20.  I seldom feature two wines at once, but these sisters were served together, and both have 12% alcohol,  and cost under $35. Both are wines you need to savor.


The Rose’ went especially well with sushi.  It’s charming salmon color helped highlight many of the food items enjoyed from a full range of sushi items.

The Rose’ was made with 63% Pinot Noir, 35% Pinotage and 2% Pinot Meunier creating a spicy, wild strawberry nose with great mouth-feel for foods.  The Pinotage grape is a cross between Pinot Noir and the Rhone Valley’s Cinsault grape.


This Kaapse Vonkel was South Africa’s first sparkling wine made in the traditional method like Champagne. Its extensive yeast contact makes it a fuller food-compatible  sparkling wine.

The Cape uses the term, “Cap Classique” when talking about the Methode champenoise technique of making sparkling wines.  Simonsig dates back to 1971 with its wine. The Brut shows full French Bread flavors and pairs well with not only sushi, but with any opening course you might desire.  Your wine shop can get them from Martin Scott Distributors. Also, they have excellent aging potential.  In Vino Veritas.