California was a little crazy back in 2002, so the Cline Viognier has 15% alcohol. The back label said to drink within two to three years; not 18 years like I did. It cost under $15 and scored 16 Dionysian points. This was an exception to high alcohol wines. It developed into a round complex wine with pear, honeysuckle, and some herbs on the nose. It was dark yellow-gold.


Sonoma’s Cline has been a credit to the area. We had the wine with chicken. I knock white wines over 13.5% , and reds over 14.5% alcohol, but this one could have been served with lobster.

It developed a melon flavor with air. Many people don’t buy this grape because they can’t pronounce it. (vee-oh-nyay)  I’m glad I let this age. High Alcohol wines peak quickly I’ve come to notice.  I learned my cellar is cool enough to protect the sleeping wines for decades.  In Vino Veritas.