1949 Anjou (70 years old)

The 1949 Moulin Touchais Anjou has 13% alcohol, was bottle number 073, worth $1,000 now, but cost $35 back in 1964, and scored 19+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale.


It was opened at the table, and it continued to open and stay remarkable for well over the half hour that we nursed it along side a variety of desserts at Peter Shields in Cape May, New Jersey, USA. Our waiter said that never in his life had he tasted anything so smooth and softly sweet.

The 70 year old wine was to honor Dionysian Dr. Michael Segarra’s 70th birthday. It’s a “Doue’ La Fontaine” or dessert wine.  Made with Chenin Blanc, it smelled and tasted of roasted peaches laced with hazel nut. I’ve only had a few of these wines, and only one other one as old, but this Loire Valley wine proved how long, and how great old Anjou can be! Cellar some now.

The wine was labeled as Reserve du Fondateur Moulin Touchais and was a  favorite of King Louis XVI back in his day.

I was impressed that the color held; a deep gold, and the cork was extracted in one piece. When you can drink a wine from the year you were born, you’re savoring that year’s summer sunshine.  In Vino Veritas.




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  1. Robert Frank

    Yes, Chenin Blanc deserves tremendous praise. Other than Riesling, no other grape is as versatile, nor as age worthy when made well. This past September of 2019 I spent 4 days in Vouvray, a bit east of Anjou, walking from vineyard to vineyard. Highlights were Vigneau Chevreau, Domaine Huet, Domaine de la Meslerie, and especially a couple hours with Philippe Foreau at Clos Naudin. He was very kind and generous sharing his beautiful examples in his cellar going back decades. The 1990 was an exquisite standout, and with decades to go.

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